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May 22, 2024

Eva Nyarko Shares Blood Pressure Management Tips on News 12

BRONX, NY. (May 22, 2024)— In a recent feature on News 12, Nurse Practitioner Eva Nyarko, CEO of Caring Link Family Practice, provided valuable insights during High Blood Pressure Education Month. Nyarko emphasized the importance of addressing hypertension, highlighting that it affects one in three adults in the Bronx.

To help manage high blood pressure, she recommended:

  • Healthy Eating: Focus on fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce Salt: Lower sodium intake.
  • Exercise Regularly: Stay active.
  • Quit Smoking: Avoid tobacco use.

Nyarko’s practical advice aims to improve cardiovascular health and prevent serious complications like strokes and heart attacks.

For more details, check out the full interview on News 12.

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